Tuesday, February 19, 2013

tap tap tap

Excuse me...
    ... is this thing on?

Hello?  Kris?

Oh, good.  I thought I fell off the earth.

Nope.  Present and accounted for.  And drowning under everyday life.  I've been busy arranging two home foundation inspections (because my house is sinking right beneath me) and cleaning (well, hiring maids) because I'm hosting a baby shower on Saturday and ... here's something new ... rehearsing a play at my church.  Yeah, I sure have never done that before.

But the biggest news on tap at Casa de Kahle ... is that Rick is ... yes, believe it or not, prepping for yet another surgery.  This one will be his last.  It just has to be.  It just does.  Poor guy had his hip replaced on September 4th and is finally able to put that behind him when ... WHAM!  We get word that to remove the pain that he has lived with for the last two years... he will need surgery.

I was elated.  It was something I knew he needed for a long time, for like ever.  But we could never get a doctor on board with us.  Yes, I'm very excited to have Rick possibly be able to live a normal, pain-free life.

I'm afraid Rick doesn't share my sentiments, though.

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