Saturday, March 23, 2013

All Aboard ... !

I am a researcher.  I am a shopper.  Oh, who am I kidding … I’m cheap.  And when I was booking my flights for my vacation to Florida in July … I shopped and shopped and researched and researched… until I was about blue in the face.  $50 less on this airline, $25 less on this one, but I wouldn’t have to change planes in Kalamazoo, etc.  Yes, I shopped my brains out looking for the best deal.

I shopped so long for a good deal that I missed out on the best deal of all.  On Southwest.  Suddenly the flights that were $111 each way became $250 each way.  Oops.

So off I headed to American, who, sadly, had increased their fares by $100 each way as well.  Delta, same story.  United and US Airways, the same.  Sigh.  A shopper’s nightmare.  Too much researching can cause one to go crazy.

I tried Travelocity and Orbitz and Cheap Tickets.  Nothing any better.  Then I googled “GIVE ME A CHEAP TICKET TO ORLANDO” and was presented with “Spirit Airlines.”

Huh?  Who the heck are they?

But I looked.  And I was shocked.  $69 each way?  What????   Say what????  And I booked them before anyone realized the error that they had made.

Well, to make a long story short… $69 was the base fee.  Then there were the taxes.  Gotta add those into the price.  And the government fees.  And the fuel.  Yep, you gotta pay for fuel on this airline.  Never mind the seats.  The stinkin’ seats were $10.  A piece.  Each way.  That’s $40 extra right there for Rick and I.  

THEN… you pay for every bag you bring.  And a PURSE counts as a bag.   A PURSE!!!   $35 for a carry-on, purses included!  $40 for a checked bag.  

$69.00 quickly became $250 – EACH – and EACH WAY.  And before I knew it, Rick and I were travelling to Florida for $1000.  And that’s before I even calculated what each of our shoes would cost.


A staycation never looked so good. 

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