Wednesday, March 13, 2013


... what exactly IS it in that photo?

A new little friend of mine.   Meet Bun.  Bun greeted me as I returned from the hospital last Wednesday.  Bun didn't exactly greet me, mind you... Bun was running as fast as her/his little rabbit feet could carry her/him.  Bun was running from a preditor.  A black, four-footed, furry, meowing, licking-its-lips, preditor.

Bun was not caught that night, though.  Bun wouldn't let me catch him/her.  Nope, Bun was on a mission... to get away from me, it, and anything chasing him/her. 
And for a good hour, while I was missing American Idol, I stood between Bun and Cat, asking "Why Me, Lord?  Why tonight?"  Cat was licking his lips and trying desperately to get Bun on a plate for dinner.  Bun was terrified. 
Kris wasn't any too thrilled, by the way.  Kris was dog-tired but Kris couldn't let Cat catch Bun.  Just couldn't do it.
However, one hour later, I was seriously considering letting nature take its course and letting Cat have his snack.
But I just couldn't do it.
So... I cornered Bun behind and between those giant vases/pots that are in my front yard.  I opened my garage door and dug out anything and everything that wasn't nailed down.  Since I am preparing for a garage sale, there was plenty available in there.
20 minutes later... I had encaged Bun in his/her new abode.

Look again.  You may be able to spot Bun between those two pots.

2 screens, 1 huge Rubbermain container, a couch cusion and an automobile sun shade later, Bun was safe from Cat.

Plus a camping lantern and a shoe.

No one was getting out and no one was getting in.
However, I spent the entire night worrying about baby Bun and waiting to hear a crash of screens and Rubbermaid... because I knew that Cat was smart... and would somehow work his way in.  I was very relieved to find the abode/fort untouched the next morning.
Below... is my doggy, Midnight.  Having Midnight around must not've been enough for me, though.  I guess Bun wanted to come join the party at the Kahle house. 

Midnight, lately, hasn't been in a party mood, though.  That's Midnight watching out the front door.  Midnight is just sure that her daddy will be home any moment now.  She's positive of it. 

She believes that sniffing the door will help.

This is Jeannie.  She doesn't care if Rick comes home or not.  She just wants dinner.  She does wonder, though, where her mommy Elizabeth went. 
I told Jeannie that Elizabeth moved away.  Jeannie, who has never, ever liked me for even one minute... suddenly loves me.

Oh and Bun?  She no longer lives with the Kahle menagerie.  A friend came over the next night and helped me get Bun out of the entrapment caged fort and helped me get him/her inside our house and into that big Rubbermaid bin.  But while doing so, my friend Kenneth noticed that Mama Bunny was sitting on our front lawn, wondering where her little Bun had wandered off to.
Kenneth reunited Bun and Mama Bunny.
And Kris was able to sleep that night.

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