Wednesday, April 10, 2013

And how was your evening?

It all started when some email buddies and I were comparing Girl Scout cookies to Keebler cookies and trying to decide which were better... the original GS cookies or Keebler's "Grasshoppers."  Girl Scout cookies won.

It wasn't long before other insects entered the conversation and I found myself sharing that I had had an accidental ant-fest once.  Yes, many years ago I unknowingly ate me some ants.  Tons of them.  And seeing that one of my email buddies was so tickled at my accidental ingestion of the little critters, I couldn't help but share another story with everyone as well.  The ant story was years ago; this little tale happened on Monday night, actually early on Tuesday morning. 

Got up at 2:00 am to tinkle.  Floor wet.  REAL wet.  2” of water everywhere wet.  Knowing there was possibly a crack in the toilet base somewhere… and knowing that I shouldn’t have flushed said toilet, I did anyway.

Yep, I shouldn’t have.

Robin had already told me that my ant story about did her in ... and that she was trying not to laugh out loud with her bosses all close by.  If the ant story about did her in ... well, the tinkle story did.  She then wrote:  I’m going to explode trying NOT to laugh!! 

Billy added:  Krissy, I know you've written a book, but if you ever decide to make a movie of all your exploits, I will be the first in the theater on premier night....! 

Lori chimed in:  Kris' new toilet - $300 bucks ... the story - priceless. 

Robin added:  Seriously… $300 for a new toilet!?!?! That’s CRAP! 

But the story got even better after that.

I said (well, typed):  Hey, all.  I'm home now and the toilet man just left.  Wanna' know how much I'm out?   Do ya???

Robin, are you away from your bosses?
My toilet cost me NOTHING!!!!!!

Wanna know why?

It wasn't water on the floor!!!!  It was a loving little tribute that my hubby left for me.  Yep, it sure was.  The plumbing man verified the sample.  Stop laughing, Robin.

Robin replied:   Are you saying what I think you are saying????

Then she added:  Now I’m crying over here … That’s too funny!  KRIS I WANT TO SEE THIS MOVIE YOU CALL LIFE!!!

And after a few more moments of thought, Robin added:  My GOSH.  The story that plumber is going to tell … People all over town will be laughing uncontrollably at this story!!
And then she said:  Amazing that neither of you figured out what it was before you called the plumber.
Yeah, that's Rick and I to a tee.  Pure geniouses.  We let the plumber figure out what had happened.
Lori then chimed in:  Consider yourself lucky Kris.  The last little thing Greg left me on the bathroom was brown! 
She's right.  I do feel lucky. 
Later that night, while playing 'Draw Something' with Robin, she suddenly writes across the screen, "Ha Ha Ha, peeing on the floor!"  Good ol' Robin.

And a whole day later, Lori throws in:  Just so you know Kris ... Robin is still laughing at pee on the floor.
Good grief, I guess she is.
Thank Goodness she only knows about ants that I've eaten.  I don't think I'll tell her about the dog food that beckoned to me once ... Robin would've had her own tinkle accident on the bathroom floor.

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