Tuesday, April 9, 2013

the best gift

Know what my sweet husband did tonight?  He brought me a gift. And he was very proud of it. Yes, he was.  He had gone to get his hair cut today and came home with a gift.

He told me it was an early Mother's Day present.  I was happy he remembered, even though it's still a bit early to even think about Mother's Day. It's a bit early to think of Easter, too. Yeah, I know it's already passed... I just really like dreaming about chocolate.  Chocolate bunnies.  I can't accept that Easter is done and gone.

So, anyway, my gift?  My sweet husband handed me a card. A business card from a haircut place.  Yes, that was the gift.

He said, "Here.  It's from Laura.  We both thought you'd like a discount on an appointment to get your hair colored."

Is it me or is this not the sweetest gift you've every seen?  Image improvement. I was so touched.

Actually, Rick is the one who got touched.  Upside the head.

So, when's Christmas?  Can't wait to see what I get then ...

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