Thursday, April 4, 2013

Midnight at the Oasis

Saw this last night while we were watching TV and I just had to take a quick picture of it.
This is Midnight.  She had just gotten scolded for chasing the cat and came back to comfort herself on a makeshift pillow.

I grabbed a close up, too.  I was hoping you could see exactly what she was laying on.


That there is Santa.  Santa Claus.  Yep.  This dog went to the most comforting thing she could think of when she got in trouble. 
Or, she's dreaming of a white Christmas.  In April.
Santa does comfort though, doesn't he?  He does me.  Or maybe I'm just in need of some good, old fashioned retail therapy and the thought of Christmas shopping gets me all tingly again.   Only 260 more shopping days until Christmas, you know.
I'll make it easy for you ... only 195 more shopping days till my birthday. 
No Santa pillows, please.

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