Wednesday, April 3, 2013


Men are silly.  My man is no exception.  I can cut my hair (and have) and he won't notice.  I can color my hair red (and have) and he won't notice.  Yes, both of these things have happened.  And neither of these things have anything to do with his lupus.  If you wanna talk lupus, well, we'd be here all day.
So, that said.  I showed this old picture to Rick.
He said, "Your mom looks really good here."
It's not my mom. 
That woman on the left isn't even a blood relative to me!  (It's my aunt... who's NOT related to my mom.)  So, having been married to Rick for nigh on 24 years now... and having my mother as his mother-in-law for EIGHTEEN of those 24 years... well, shoot.  I give up.
Know what he said just now? 
I told him that my mom has been gone for six years and he looked at me funny and said, "How long has your dad been gone?"
Yeah, didn't hear a word.

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