Monday, April 1, 2013

Hoppity Hippity

So, Easter was a bit different this year. 

I didn't cook a big dinner.  I didn't cook dinner at all, actually.  Actually, I didn't ever even get out of pjs.  But I was comfy!  Oh yes I was.

Did I eat ham?  Nope.  It was a lasagna day.  Courtesy of a wonderful family from our church.

The highlights?  Well, the dog threw up.  The cat clawed me and the dog and cat got into a big fight.  Hissing was heard.  Barking, too.  Another bunny showed up.

We must have the best tasting grass around.
So anyway, we were forced to sell our beautiful sectional couch and buy something that Rick could sit on.  The sale took place on Saturday night.  Our sectional now lives on the other side of Frisco.
A new couch hasn't been purchased yet.
So, on this Easter Day, Rick and I ate lasagna from paper plates and sat on one kitchen chair and one walker.  Luckily, I got the kitchen chair.  Ah, the life of college students.  At least it seemed that way, looking around our house.
I Love Lucy played in the background early in the day.  NCIS and Amazing Race rounded out the evening time. 
Know what I'm most proud of accomplishing?  I cleaned out my freezer.  Now there is no more gluten free nothin' living way in the back of each shelf.  Instead, my dog got a couple of very interesting meals today.  She is now a vegan.
Yes, it was a most interesting Easter Day. 

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