Friday, May 24, 2013

and guess what I'm doing this morning?

I'm headin' out.  I'm off.  Something about the wild blue yonder just beckons me up there.  Nah, not really.  It's got nuthin' to do with flying.

Did you know I used to be a flight attendant with United Airlines?  You'd never know it from my dislike of flying. 

But aside from all that ... I am off today.  Off to see the wizard my daughter.  It is her birthday weekend and she SWORE to me that she didn't have a friend in the world and that her birthday would be very lonely.  So I grabbed the chance to head out of town and visit her, play in all of the Walt Disney Parks, eat my face off, enjoy my long weekend and just escape from the daily rat race.

My poor daughter?  Well, I've since learned that she has TONS of friends and she was just whining on one particular day that she was feeling left out of something.  I think I jumped a little too soon.

But, I'll force myself to have a good time.  FORCE myself to choke down all that awful food in all of those awful restaurants.  And I'll force myself to enjoy four days of sun and fun in all of the Walt Disney parks for free.  That'll be the worst part. 

Yeah, it's gonna be tough.  'Cuz that rat race is so exciting back home.


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