Wednesday, May 22, 2013

and ... guess what we did TONIGHT?

Not to be confused with what we did last night ...

In February, I got a speeding ticket.  I believe it was speeding ticket no. 6,553.  Yes, I collect them.  And to keep said ticket off of my record, I opted for traffic court.  And because I procrastinate, I opted to wait until closer to May 20th (the date all of my paperwork was due back to City Hall) to complete the course.  I came up with excuse after excuse as to why I would need to wait a week and then another week and, yes, another week.  And month.  Or two.  I procrastinate but I do get 'er done.  Eventually.

So... May 17th came and I decided that that was close enough.  I sat down at my computer and began the L O N G six hour course in traffic etiquette and what to do if your brakes fail.  Traffic school almost never addresses speeding.  But, alas, I was forced to finally sit and do.

One hour completed on Friday and then dinner out with Rick sounded much more appealing.  Five more hours completed on Saturday and then all I had left for Sunday was the final exam.  If I could get college credit for all of the traffic school final exams I've taken, well, you'd be able to call me Dr. Kahle.  Twice.

So, Sunday comes and I aced my test.  I should, I've certainly had enough practice at these exams.  I got a 95%, in case you're wondering.  I guess that's not technically acing it ... but I did only miss one question.

Here, let me ask you the question I missed.  What does B.A.C. stand for?  Yep, that's the question I missed.

I had my choice of:

a) Blood Alcohol Content
b) Blood Alcohol Concentration
c) Bacardi, Alcohol and Cappucino
d) Bad Alcohol Combination

What exactly would you answer?  And why on earth does this matter to my speeding ticket?

Well, I answered A.  Because that's what I've always heard it called.  That's what the news calls it.  That's what it is.  Right?  Nope.  It's B.  Even though I've never, ever heard it referred to as that before.  Yeah, I'm not bitter. 

So, anyway, I finished my test and ... and ... the stinkin' certificate, in the state of Texas, must be mailed to you.  Other states?  You can turn in a computerized copy.  But not in Texas.  You must have the original and it must arrive by mail and you must hand deliver it to city hall.  Yeah, I knew it wouldn't get to me by Monday the 20th even if I had had it overnighted to me.  Nope, I would have to wait this one out.  And I did.  And you know what?  I didn't really worry.  The weather was bad and it was only two days late and hey, who was really watching anyway?

Welp, City Hall was.

I turned everything in today and you know what?  They take that sort of thing a bit seriously.  Just a bit.

My court date is set for June 19th at 2:00 pm.

Just another fine example of my tax dollars at work.  A. COURT. CASE.  For a traffic school certificate arriving late.

Good grief.

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