Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Guess What We Did Tonight...

This man with the lampshade on his head?  This man who is absolutely passionate about his illness, Lupus?  This man who once spoke to congressional leaders on Capitol Hill about more funding for Lupus research?  This man who gave a book on Lupus to the President of the United States?

This man above ... took on City Hall tonight.

Yes, he did.  This man made an appearance at the city council meeting tonight and ... took them on?  Well, no.  But he did receive a proclamation.  Yes, the mayor (pro tem) of Frisco and his council invited Rick and the Lupus Foundation of America up onto their stage tonight. 

The only mistake they all made tonight was to put a microphone in his hand.
Just kidding.  Rick was awesome.
And ladies and gentlemen ...  May is now ... Lupus Awareness Month in the City of Frisco.  Yes it is.  In the city of Richardson, too, but we left that proclamation up to some "lupies" who live in Richardson.  We could only handle Frisco.  And Capitol Hill.  Yes, we will be returning to Capitol Hill in June, God willing.
So that was our night.
The biggest surprise of the evening?  My friend Patty warned us that we'd have to speak at a podium and that that might be rather nerve-wracking.  I see no podium.  I only see a stage.  Thanks, Patty.  You failed to tell us that Frisco makes you GO UP ONTO THEIR STAGE. 
I thought it best that I remain in the front row ... and take pictures ... since there was no podium, you know.
See Rick for a purple bracelet.  We have literally HUNDREDS now.

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