Friday, May 3, 2013

false alarm

So.... ONE DAY LATER I see this on Facebook:

"Um hi yes, we'd like 7 orders of the cardiac arrest French fries, 23 sides of ranch, and 2 gluten free pizzas for the allergy girl." — with MacKenzie Becker and 8 others at Miller's Orlando Ale House.

Posted by my daughter.  My dear, darling daughter.

I don't know who all these people are but apparently they are friends of my daughter.  My unpopular daughter, that is.  The daughter that just one day after the post about not having a personality... was suddenly out having the time of her life after work.  Those were her words ... the time of her life.
Yeah, my dear, darling daughter causes me concern... for nothing.    Leave it to Beaver.
That's my daughter on the left.  I don't know those other people.  Well, I do recognize the goofball in the red pajamas in the center...  I'm thinking that these are coworkers of my dear, darling daughter and that they all get along famously.   I found this photo on Facebook, too ... proving that my daughter has a personality that no one responds to.   Yeah, right.
Oh, one more thing.  Ever wonder why I refer to Elizabeth as "my dear, darling daughter?"  It was something my mother always called me ... when she was frustrated with me.   Whenever you see me post that ... well ... the shoe seems to fit.

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