Tuesday, June 25, 2013

21 years in the making ...

It truly was 21 years in the making ... but Rick's mother finally moved to Texas today.   21 years ago, she began talking about it and then she thought about it and talked some more and thought some more and then said, "No."

And we talked some more and connived and convinced and begged and pleaded ... and she finally said, "No."   But she said she'd think about it.

TWENTY-ONE YEARS LATER ... she arrived.

Here's what Liz posted on Facebook tonight:

Good news guys!!  My grandma moved to town today from California!  It's the first time any of us have seen her in 5 years, she looks beautiful.  Her first words upon seeing my daddy, her oldest son: "Rick, you're shrinking."

Honestly, she told me I'd lost weight ... so I'm the most happy to see her!


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