Monday, June 3, 2013

I may not've made this clear ...

... but my daughter is in route to Texas as we speak.  Well, as I speak.  Well, as no one speaks, actually.  How 'bout as I type this?  She's had to make lots of decisions lately, most importantly, the one about staying or going (in Florida or coming back to Texas) followed by what is best for her health.  Here's what she typed on her blog recently:

I would like to return to Orlando six months from now in January 2014 for what’s called a professional internship. It’s exactly what it sounds like. The same thing as the college program I’m about to complete, but for the higher reachers. Most of them are major-specific and all of them are designed to get you into exactly the area of Disney where you want to be. My first choices are entertainment and guest relations of course, but there are literally hundreds of options I don’t even know about.

But that’s next year. I’ll keep my eye on that application window of course, but for now I just have to take it day. by. day. First the completion of this program, then moving home, then completing my degree, then the big girl steps into the real world.

And although I saw her just last weekend (on my fun-filled adventure to Florida that I have yet to show you pictures of but promise that'll come next) I'm still anxious to have her home.  We have a few things (mostly money) to iron out, work out, FIX here in Texas.  And so ... the adventure begins.

But not before I tell you about the adventure she's on right now ...  She just texted me this:

I stopped for a rest at a gorgeous looking mall and, funfact, I have no idea which state I'm in. Is it socially acceptable to ask?

"Excuse me, what state am I in?"

Might as well say, "What year is it? Who am I? How do I get to the gold rush?"

Ever clever.  That's her.

Photos tomorrow, I promise.  Unless I change my mind.  Again.

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