Tuesday, July 9, 2013

all the colors of the rainbow

Being married to a Dutch man, I've had to sample some unusual foods.  That I have.  Ever had peanut butter on your chicken?  How about on your salad?

Pictured here is one of my husband's favorite snacks...  "Krupuk."  Simply put, it's a shrimp chip.    Pronounced 'kroop-pook', by the way.

Now that my mother in law is here, along came some of her favorite things to make... and my sister in law wasted no time in creating some krupuk for us.  Apparently she's missed it for quite some time.

So, pictured here are four large plastic baggies full of krupuk.  AKA four large plastic baggies full of shrimp chips.

Now... picture all of us sitting down to dinner and opening up a discussion of said shrimp chips.

Remember, there are four different bags there.  Hence, there are four different types of krupuk.  So, there are four different flavors of krupuk.

There are also four of us in this discussion.

I don't know about you, but ALL FOUR OF THOSE BAGS LOOK ALIKE.

Yet, three of the four in this discussion have a favorite chip to eat.  And not just that... they also have a favorite color to identify them with.

Again, they all look alike to me.  Yet... Michael likes the green one, Linda likes the brown one and Paul likes the pink one.  Rick, who joined the conversation late, prefers the plain ol' yellow one.

I've tried them all.  Give me the sweet one.  I don't care what color it is, just give me the one dusted in sugar.  I call it the white one.

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