Monday, July 15, 2013

cool and still not cool

part two:

See if you can follow this... it's okay if you can't.  Not sure I can, either.

We USED to live next door to Donna and Bill.  We sold our house and moved three whole blocks away from Donna and Bill.  We almost never saw Donna and Bill again.  Instead, Rude and Ruder moved into our old house and apparently rubbed everyone in the entire neighborhood the wrong way, mostly us.  They were awful to deal with during the sale of our house and we've spent three years apologizing to the rest of the neighborhood for letting them in.

Three years later, my daughter returns home from school and I post it on Facebook... and Bill sees it (I'm not even "friends" with him on Facebook) and tells Liz to come over.  They needed a house sitter and since she was back in town, well, she was hired.  When she went over to get their key... she came home with a job instead.  All good.  Liz now works full time for Bill at a company in Plano.

Fast forward to today, when I had my run in with Sears.  After my daughter had returned home from work, I was right in the middle of telling her my little tale of woe when she interrupted me saying, "By the way, Donna bumped into Mrs. Rude and she told Donna to tell you that she's tired of getting your mail and to tell you to change your stupid address to the correct one." 

Oh, so that's what happened to my Sears order...

"Donna told her that she'd be happy to deliver your mail to you... but Mrs. Rude said no, she just throws your stuff away.  She doesn't want to walk it all the way next door to Donna.  Then Donna said that she'd be happy to pick it up, if Mrs. R would let her know... but Ms. RUDE said that was too much trouble."

So, I went through all that headache all because the mean lady who bought my old house is TOO LAZY to let anyone know that my mail is being misdirected.  Yes, of course, I did change my address THREE YEARS AGO, but I'm being chastised because the post office still thinks I live there.

Then again, I do still wish I lived there, but that's another story.

I thought those change of address things expired in a year.  I guess not.  Or, they do, but they revert back to the original address in 365 days.

So... I'll be much more careful in the future to check where I want to have my purchases delivered to.  Or not.  I like taunting Ms. Manners.


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