Tuesday, August 6, 2013

our menagerie

Once upon a time, we had one of these living over our front door.

We had this colorful little guy living on our patio.

This buddy of Elizabeth's lives on our 2nd floor.

And ... ol' Mr. Rat lives on our patio and gets his exercise by running up and down our fence posts every evening.

His cousin lives nearby ... in our bush.

Rick's best friend lives in our family room.  These two are inseparable, they are.

I found this little guy on the hood of my car this week.  I guess he wants to live in our zoo, too.
This sweet little thing lives in our front yard, our side yard, our backyard and across the street.  Well, she and her siblings all do.  We have lots of this little furby living in our yard.  And our bushes.  And under our bbq ...

Then, all of a sudden, we got a visit from this guy.
He stalked and walked and spied and scoped out our menagerie.
Look to his left, too.  He even brought reinforcements.  Or a lunch buddy.

And suddenly, all of our furry little friends disappeared.  Gone.  Away.  Poof.
No more bird, no more rat (yea!), no more bunny, no more Jeannie the cat ... wait, no.  Jeannie is still upstairs.  I hear her now.  Come to think of it, Midnight the dog is still here, too.
Okay, so no more bird, no more rat (yea!) and no more bunny.  No more birdie over the door, no more cricket on my hood.  Bobby the cat visited our neighborhood (more specifically MY backyard) and took care of all of our critters ... wanted and unwanted.
Know what, though?  We were lucky.  We only had a bobcat kitten come to visit.  My friend Judy had THIS in her yard.  
Meet Mac the Mountain Lion.  Yep, a mountain lion trumps a bobcat any day.
Ol' Mr. Bobcat didn't scare everyone away.  Nor did he make everyone his evening meal. 
Look who peeked his head out today ...
So, the coast was suddenly clear ... and this fur baby came out for his evening meal.  I noticed that he's grown about two feet, too, since being out of my camera's view.
Good thing, too.  I've been wanting a new rabbit coat.
Kidding, kidding.

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