Sunday, September 8, 2013

24 years and counting

Once upon a time ... these two kids met, fell in love and married.
That was 24 years ago today.

We were awfully cute, weren't we?
I think the photo below is my favorite...

Maybe this one is.

Yeah, it is.
No, wait.  This one is. 

It's okay.  I had permission to drink a lot of champagne.
Here's an interesting memory of that day...

Hard to believe but true.  Our limo got a ticket!  Right smack dab in front of the church.  Right after the ceremony.  Right as it was set to take us to our reception.  The limo had broken down and was unintentionally parked in a red zone.  Seriously?  A ticket because it had broken down?  Good grief.
 Not my favorite photo but these two kids are just so cute that I'll stick it in anyway.  Besides, I love cake.
Actually, I think this was my favorite part of that day.  We had an awesome cake.  I got it from the same baker that had just done Delta Burke's wedding.  It was incredibly delicious and if I ever get married again... Rick and I will have the same exact cake.
Go figure out the meaning of that last line and let me know what I said.
And with every wedding cake comes ...

Yes I just did that.  I had promised him I wouldn't ... but heck, do I ever keep my promises?
Uh, no.

and ... they lived happily ever after.
And I am so looking forward to year 25.  I have a big fiesta planned.  Maybe just a siesta.  No, we'll fiesta.  And y'all are invited!
Save the date!

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