Monday, September 9, 2013


My daughter is strong beyond words and is beginning to speak out about the crime.  This was on Facebook today:

I visited an urgent care facility this morning for an evaluation that will hopefully result in a referral for therapy. Worker's Comp doesn't want to pay for anything they don't have to, of course. I was also tested for HIV, among others.

More importantly, I talked at length with the sex crimes detective assigned to my case. He's a wonderful man, very thorough and very careful. We now know this gentleman's name, his history of violent sex crimes, and that he is still in jail, having signed a full confession and being unable to post his bail.

It's a lot of information to process, so I think I'll go home, use my terrible cooking skills to burn some popcorn, and watch Toy Story.

Followed by this:

On a lighter note, happy 24th wedding anniversary to my beautiful, wonderful mommy and daddy. I'm indescribably glad they have as much love as they do between them and flowing out of them. There is just no other way to handle some of the terrible stuff life throws at us. Their marriage is a picture perfect example of all things lovely in this world.

Unfortunately, this incident has affected all of us.  My daughter doesn't want to know this particular fact, but it's true.  I'm hyper-vigilant now.  I don't want to have to be but it's inevitable, I guess.

I'm glad, though, that Rick and I can still represent all things lovely in this world to her.

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