Saturday, September 21, 2013

but seriously folks ...

Hey, that was fun!  Well, for me anyway.

I've decided to try it once more but this time I want to get serious.  If I can.  Not sure I know how.

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1. i'm a good person who tries to do good works, but i know that that isn't what will get me into Heaven.  not at all.

2. i hate that my husband suffers from Lupus.  i pray that his Lupus stays out of and far away from his body ... forever.

3. i miss my best friend Nancy more than i miss my parents.

4. i miss my brother more than i ever thought i would.   EVER.

5. i'm currently trying to rid our house of unwanted belongings.  it'll only work if i get over my online garage sale addiction, i'm sure.

6. i hate baths.  i always have.

7. i hate water.  i always have.  wait, i mean drinking water.  give me a room with an ocean view and i'm in Heaven.

8. i love my church.  i pray for it to grow.

9. i have an eating disorder.  actually a hoarding disorder.  they go hand in hand.  that's all to say that i have a very well stocked pantry.

10. i don't like to admit it, but i like The Bachelor, Dancing With The Stars and American Idol.  i'm hopeless.

11. nail polish will not stay on my nails.

12. i enjoy quiet.

13. i married into the wrong family if i enjoy quiet.

14. i wish i could go back in time and get to know my parents again.  they seem like nice people.  i refused to admit it at the time.

15. i wish i knew my neighbors.  i so miss neighborhood get-togethers like i enjoyed as a child.

16. my mother had a fear of knives.  i think of her whenever i'm washing one.

17. my father should not have survived WWII.  but he did.

18. i'm still amazed that my daughter visited Frisco before i did. 

19. i try to return money when i find it, even if i KNOW it won't go to the person who lost it.

20. i was an NBC Page and have three reunions to attend this year.  if only i could.

21. my favorite restaurant is The Blue Bayou inside Disneyland.

22. ten years ago i learned that i have an older brother that i've never met.  i'd give anything to meet up with him now.

23. i wish i didn't still like cookie dough.

24. i've just noticed that i'm no longer typing serious stuff.  i'm vowing to end this on a serious note.

25. i'd give anything for our planet to go back to the time when customer service was key, kindness was automatic and kids were safe to walk or ride their bikes to school.  i'm still amazed that i walked to kindergarten every morning ... at age 4 ... supervised by a 5 year old.  i miss those days.

And 26.  I'd give anything for everyone to have a personal relationship with their Savior.  It's critical.


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