Wednesday, September 18, 2013

25 things you may or may not know about me

or ...

25 things you never wanted to know about me. 

                     Either way, here goes.

1. i can eat pizza everyday of my life and it will never get old.

2. i would rather be barefoot (despite my love of shoes.)

3. the beach is my happy place.   i NEED to see the ocean periodically.

4. my love language is service, i believe.

5. i am completely, undeniably, exhaustingly addicted to my computer.  and the internet.  and computer games.  i have tendonitis to prove it.

6. i never bonded with my dog until she was old and grey.

7. my favorite color is blue.  always has been.  HOWEVER, green has taken a spot in my life now, too.

8. i love dining out with my hubby.

9. i have a thing for shoes.

10. i am addicted to online garage sales and i have quite a stash of other people's unwanted stuff in my house.

11. i have a thing for purses.

12. i once tried to go gluten free (before the trend).  fortunately my doctor made me stop.  i would've anyway.

13. March 17, 1997 changed my life.

14. i like to surprise people.  i hate to be surprised, tho.

15. i used to sing.  i'm trying to learn how again.  i also used to dance.  i've given up trying to reprise that.

16. i can quote I Love Lucy word for word.

17. i am currently planning a trip to Disneyland.  but when am i not?

18. i would like to retire to Holland.  or North Frisco.

19. i would do anything for my family.

20. i have officially held all of the jobs that i ever wanted to.  i consider myself a success for that.

21. i am currently rereading all of The Little House books.

22. the only person i know that i'm blood-related to is my daughter.  i've never known anyone i'm blood-related to before her.

23. i speak cat.  but only to our cat.

24. i drank my first full cup of coffee just this year.  not so good, either.

25. i have, at age 55, finally learned to cook.   i am not proud.

1 comment:

scamper kitty said...

One, two and three! Probably more than that ... I can't remember the rest of them.

(Not that they aren't memorable ... just that I might not be!) : )