Monday, October 21, 2013

tick tock

My daughter sent me her Christmas list.  I have no idea what she's getting at here.  You think she's a bit tired today?

Item #1:   I guess she worries about her smartness when she sleeps.  

She has a high enough IQ.  I'm not gonna get her this.

Item #2:   She likes to do puzzles in her sleep?

Item #3:    Oh, I get it.  She likes to get up and run during the night.  Actually, she did used to do that.  But ya don't need an alarm clock for that.

Item #4:    Target practice?  Everyone needs one of these.  Well, I don't.  I'd probably miss and Rick wouldn't appreciate my efforts.  Especially if he was the target.

Item #5:     I can't even fathom what she wants this one for.  To taunt the cat?

Item #6:    The perfect little workout during the night.  'Cept, if she's out running, she may not need this one.

But if she IS out running... she might as well have this here little clocky.  She could go fetch it from wherever it ran off to.

Wanna know what's funny about "Clocky?"  I'm not gonna get her this for Christmas BECAUSE SHE ALREADY HAS IT!  She just probably forgot where it ran off to or she never, ever bothered to go chase it.

So, uh, Christmas.  64 more shopping days.   Yeesh.

Wanna know something else funny?

Liz texted me today.  She said, "Siss-a-biss is tye-red.  Bill had to go get me coffee at lunch.  He's my assistant now."

She IS tired.  She forgot her own name.  And she forgot she doesn't drink coffee.  Heck, she probably doesn't even know who Bill is.  We know she can't remember that she has a CLOCKY.


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