Wednesday, October 16, 2013

is it me...

or is someone trying to tell me something ... 

I received this in an email today.  Spam, I thought.  Or not.

The body of the email contained this.

Spam, I thought again.

But when I looked further, I realized it was legitimate.  It came from a travel site ... that feels I need to go to Japan, maybe?

Or not.  Maybe the travel site just simply feels that I need to learn Japanese.  'Cuz then I'd be able to see what the body of the email was really saying.  And who knows?  Maybe I could already be a winner ... of a million dollars.

Yeah, that's it, I'm sure.  Never mind that 'HGV Club Program' thing.

Hey, I already can read Japanese!  I just realized!

I didn't know Hilton was a Japanese word ...


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