Tuesday, October 15, 2013

we were very busy...

Wanna know what some of the teachers do at school?  When they're tired of being teachers?

They steal from each other.  And not just the normal stuff like pens and pencils and chalkboards and iPads.  Nope.

Not only do they steal, but they hold things for ransom, too.  These little babies used to have heads.  But the head hunter came and stole their brains ... and the outer covering, too.  

Ransom was demanded ...

The victimized teacher who was missing her precious baby heads offered this up in return:  

And then the babynappers sent a picture.  

Apparently Dolly had been to the beauty shop.   No one bothered to check there.

One responder to this tragedy said:

I see the budget cuts have really taken a toll on your dolls, too. Geeze. 

What I don't understand is how these little guys can afford fancy haircuts, but they can't afford some decent clothes????

So, uh, back to work now.

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