Tuesday, October 1, 2013

yag capsolotomy

Say what?

Rick and I are at home this morning prepping for some eye surgery that he's having at noon.  He's already had cataract surgery so I was confused about what had gone wrong now.  I asked him what the procedure was called and he said, "yag capsolotomy". 

Well, I dug a little deeper and found out that for once Rick had gotten the name correct.  Usually Rick twists and turns things upside down (this comes from speaking 3 languages, Dutch being his first) and things usually end up with double or triple meanings and sometimes no meaning at all.  However, yag capsolotomy is it.  I plan to google it.  Later.  I really couldn't care less today. 

And why?  Because there's something SO much more exciting going on! 

Because we are home this morning... Rick is camped in front of the TV watching Good Morning America and suddenly, suddenly!, SUDDENLY! he yells out ....

"IKEA is selling solar panels now!!"

* blink blink*

What? Were we in search of solar panels, Rick??

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