Monday, November 11, 2013

christmas list

And speaking of Christmas ... my daughter sent me her Christmas list the other day.  As if she's gonna get anything for Christmas given that her student loans have just come due.  Ha!  I mean Bah Humbug.

She sent me this:
Did you know that we Americans waste nearly 40% of all edible food?  For an individual, that’s 20 lbs. of food per month, lost.  An average household is wasting $2,200/year!  If we could save even 15% of that, we could feed 25 million people!  And YOU could save $2,200 a year. 
Do you want to do your part, to stop wasting food?  For just $48.95, with an unconditional warranty, there is no maintenance, just a battery change every 4-6 months.  We need to use this!!  Berry Breeze.  And you just put it on the top shelf of the fridge.  It’s a compact machine that produces activated oxygen and will work for years in our fridge.  It stops mold and bacteria from growing on produce, and neutralizes ethylene gas that makes food go bad.  It also neutralizes odors.  

This is great!  People say they are astonished how their greens, veggies and fruits last.  You can go on a week-long trip and return to find your blueberries and spinach are still fresh!   

Mom, please tell Santa that I need this!


Let's see ... If we save $2200 a year, we could have those student loans paid off in no time.   No time at all.  13.5 years!  Sure beats the method we've been using ...


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