Sunday, December 22, 2013

Tweetable twit

I peeked in at my daughter's Twitter page again and found myself giggling.  But to myself.  Giggling to myself because I didn't want her to know I was spying on her.  And she was standing near me.  Okay, who'm I kidding?  She knew, because I couldn't stop laughing.  I love my daughter.  I especially love her warped sense of humor ... that, yes, she got from me.  Well the warped part anyway.  Her humor is better than mine.  

Take a gander at these random thoughts that popped into her mind.  Well, OUT of her mind and onto her Twitter page.

1)  My favorite thing to do at a party is go home.

2) The iPhone severely overestimates my interest in the stock market.

3) Well that song 'Grown Up Christmas List' is bunk.  All the grown ups I know want new iPads and pay raises and vacation from their kids.  

4) My favorite iPhone feature is the calendar because it's a list of everything I'm going to be late to all in one place.

5) Santa is probably kicking himself for not patenting the iPhone when he first thought of it.

6) You wouldn't believe how much work I can not do in one day.

7) "That's disgusting" - Jeffrey Dahmer, on kale.

and my favorite: 

8) "Hello, 911?  Hi, I was just wondering ... is it stop, drop, THEN roll?  Cause my friend -- STOP SCREAMING, I'M ASKING THEM"

Yep, she's my daughter all right.  I done warped her real good.


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