Monday, December 30, 2013

like ... really?

Driving home from work one day, this skeletal house caught my eye.  It in itself wasn't unusual but the workers were.  And I entered the complex just to get a closer look.  I'm just that curious.

So, inside the complex now ... I approached the house in question.

The closer I got, the scareder I got.  

Those men were LITERALLY standing on ONE BOARD, waaaaay up high!

And I stared and I stared and I stared.

In fact, I drove around and around (trying not to scare THEM) to view this sight from all angles.

Okay, so I got a little obsessed with this whole thing ... but HEY, THIS WAS A SCARY SIGHT!

I have a slight fear of heights.  Not too bad, but slight.


Sir, are you aware that you are standing on JUST ONE BOARD???

Sorry for all the pictures, I was just shaken by the whole thing.  And with good reason.  I have a cousin who stood atop a building in a construction sight in 1983 where a wrecking ball was bashing into a nearby building.  The chain from the wrecking ball broke loose and knocked my cousin Larry off of his scaffolding and down to the ground.  Yes, we all lived through that event and will never forget it.  

So, uh, I come by this nervousness naturally.

Gotta tell you, though ... the men atop this house did not slip and the house today is finished and looking good.  These guys work fast!


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