Sunday, December 29, 2013

my daughter's favorite Christmas gift

Welcome to Story Time with Elizabeth!

Once upon a time...

In a faraway land...

There was a tiny kingdom.
(Name that movie!)

This kingdom had the most beautiful princess named Elizabeth.

Elizabeth loved to roam and play and explore and enjoy the magic of life.  She especially liked to visit a faraway kingdom called Walt Disney World.  Princess Elizabeth's mother (the queen, naturally) loved her very much and knew all about her precious daughter's wishes to visit this magical kingdom.  So, when Christmastime came, the queen gave her daughter an amazing gift:

A 4 day vacation to her daughter's favorite special land.

She could take anybody she wanted, everything would be paid for.  Naturally, the princess chose to take the queen, as royalty really only enjoys traveling together.

The date was undecided. The princess and the queen only knew that the journey would take place before the conclusion of March.  Now all that's left is for the princess to check with her royal subject (her boss) on Monday to see which dates he'd prefer she be gone.

Yep.  The queen done good.  And the queen gets a trip out of all of this, too!  Yea, me!


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