Friday, December 27, 2013

back when this blog was ...

broken ...
and when Rick and I took our trip to Bonham for his VA exam ...
we came across this sight.  Made me laugh.  Out loud, even.
THIS is an UPSCALE, UPTOWN apartment!  I imagine it's very costly to inhabit it.


Nice outsides.  Um, yeah.  Nice.

Like I said ... Uptown Apartments.  Can't get much fancier than this!

And patios, too?  This place reeks of glamour.

This lucky apartment even comes with a bike.  They must be rich ...

This was Rick ... after his Agent Orange exam in Bonham.  It was a long, long day and I'm glad he was still smiling at this point.

And believe it or not, we are STILL awaiting the results.  Even a month long blog break couldn't speed this process up.  I wonder what else we have to break to entertain ourselves while we wait.


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