Wednesday, February 19, 2014

let me count the ways - part 2

And when that call hadn't come on Wednesday either ... and when all of my friends were SICK OF HEARING MY LAMENTING ... yet were patient with me and kept assuring me that it would happen, even though I was pretty sure it wasn't going to happen now ... they stayed friends with me.  How, I have no idea.  I was one sad little girl.

And yet ... that other interview didn't air on Wednesday, either.  That was good.  And yet, that confused me more.

I had to know.  I had to know.  I decided to call the DJ himself, because I had to know.

I planned out my speech just so and I mustered up my courage and I called Jody Dean.  I didn't want to appear like, "Hey, I won this, so why haven't you called me?" and I didn't wanted to appear like the winner when I might not be anymore and I didn't want to be a poor loser.  So, yeah, I planned it out perfectly.  I told him that I hadn't heard anything ... was wondering if a decision had been made ... and that I was fine if I was or if I wasn't the winner ... I was just dying to know.

Jody called me back.  Jody seemed baffled that I hadn't remembered that I'd won.  Jody reassured me.

I DID WIN!!!!!

Wednesday around 1:00:
      I decided to tell Jody "the rest of the story."  I decided to tell him about Rick, about his illness, about his memory problems.  I meant it to only give him some "fodder" for his show.  Something to play with along with the honeymoon tale.  I had no idea (NO IDEA!!) that he would run with these new found details.  He asked if he could call me in the morning to tape another segment.  Another interview.  Again, I said, OF COURSE!

Wednesday at 2:00:
      I heard on the air, "Breaking News!  I have just found out that our chosen groom DOESN'T REMEMBER HIS ORIGINAL VOWS!  Stay tuned!"

And from that point on:
      All I heard on the radio were clips and bits about this upcoming wedding.  My name hadn't been announced yet but the facts about Rick's memory loss was quickly slipping out.  It was on every time I turned around.  It made me smile.  And it made me smile big.

Wednesday evening:
      I went dress shopping.  I'd already been shopping once before and put one peach dress on hold so I headed back to buy it on Wednesday night.  I came home with that peach dress.  I also came home with two black dresses, one lavender dress, one teal dress, one black shawl and some tan shoes.  Yes, I was that much poorer yet I was comfortable that I did indeed have a dress that would work.

Why so much trouble for just a radio show?  I am no fool.  I knew that this little wedding with a man who was suddenly ALL OVER THE RADIO was newsworthy and I knew there'd be a news crew there as well.

Thursday during the day:
      I received this email - which went out to my entire department ...

Subject: SPED teacher on Radio/Who is this!!!?

Hi guys,
Can you help me figure out who this is? 
Thank you!

Penny Boot | Secretary to the Director of Special Education 

It was connected to a copied and pasted Facebook post from THEE JODY DEAN himself ...

Subject: SPED teacher on Radio

Penny –
I saw this on Facebook – any idea which “Kris” who teaches special ed they could be referring to?
Jody Dean
The KLUV Second Chance Wedding Couple - Kris and her husband Rick have been married for 25 years this September. She teaches Special Ed in the Frisco ISD, and he retired early. It turns out that Rick served in the military - and often comes to our Veteran's Luncheon each year. But here's their story: In trying to surprise her with a honeymoon to St. Thomas back in 1989, Rick didn't notice that Hurricane Hugo was in the forecast - and once the airport control tower blew down they were stuck there. She worked the food relief lines, and he did beach cleanup. She said it was great to help out, but not quite the first weeks together they envisioned. But there is a part two to the story that you will simply not believe - and she'll tell you what it is Thursday morning at 7:35...on 98.7 KLUV


Meghan Youker
Communications Facilitator 

I responded with this:

   He he!  It’s me!!!!  At ECS!  I’m renewing my vows on the air tomorrow morning!!!! 

Just curious ... Do you see anything wrong with that response?  Because ...  I got this back in return:


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