Friday, February 21, 2014

Yes, I received this email ...

Hey, I am in a meeting...I know that you are excited about this, but remember you should be careful about doing these types of things during your work hours. I know that you are taking the day off tomorrow to participate in this experience...

How to burst a bubble...     Fortunately most people were excited for me.

But, anyway.  At the risk of dragging this thing out further, I've decided to jump straight to Friday morning now.  I had already received the call sheet with all of the times, etc... and I was still receiving text messages up until 9:30 PM from the DJ himself (which I loved getting) and it was now time to truly focus on what we were doing.

We decided to leave the house around 5:45 (getting up at 4:45) to arrive around 6:30 instead of 7:30, like they'd requested of us.  And we did just that.  Kudos to my daughter who drove us (she hates my driving because I either have a diet coke in one hand and a burrito in the other... or both hands are full of makeup, waiting to be applied at the worst possible time) there.  She'd scoped out the place the night before so SHE was an expert on getting there ... never mind that she was unaware of any short cuts.  

And arrive we did.  To a waiting PA (production assistant) whom Rick immediately asked if he knew Traci Cornet.  Say what, Rick?  Turns out that Traci Cornet is an anchorwoman that Rick likes on CBS news every night.  I hadn't a clue who she was.  And after greeting the PA who  walked us upstairs to the lobby ... we sat back and let them wait on us hand and foot.  Not.

Nope, we were on our own.  The DJs were already on the air and I was already snooping around at watching them.  This stuff was absolutely fascinating to me.

Jody Dean came out (when he could) and introduced himself.  Rebekah Black did the same.  And it was a never ending stream of wonderful people treating us very nicely.  Yep, they did!  I fell in love with every one of them and how down to earth and nice they all were.

And I was never at a loss for words.  No, really.  You could tell that by the awesome way I greeted Jody Dean.  He introduced himself and I, oh so eloquently said, "You're so thin!"  Good one, Kris.  Then when Rebekah came out to meet us, I wonderfully greeted her with, "I love you!"


And I wish I could say that everything came off without a hitch... but I'll leave you with this video.  It starts right off with more of my "hoof in mouth" disease.  

Good grief.

Kris and Rick's Vow Renewal



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