Monday, February 24, 2014


Okay, no real honeymoon (we already celebrated our honeymoon mishaps) and now life goes on.

I was actually beginning to feel like yesterday's news ... when all of a sudden I heard our names again on the radio!  What the heck!!??

My buddy, Jody Dean was reminiscing about the wedding and mentioning what his favorite moment/quote of the entire day was ... It was when DJ Rebekah was interviewing me on the "red carpet" (yes, it was really red) and said, "Kris, I've always wanted to ask this on the red carpet.... WHO are you wearing?"  And I answered, "Who am I wearing?  Oh how sad, I'm wearing Dillards."  Yep, never at a loss for words.  That's me.

Anyway, that quote played over the air several times ... and I was beaming with pride each and every time.  Yep, I was.

And as life now begins to get somewhat back to normal, I am now putting 'vow renewal' memories away.  I returned two dresses and a pair of shoes.  One more dress to go.  The flowers were disposed of tonight (oh did our house smell heavenly!) the cake will go tomorrow and I am now climbing down off of Cloud 9.  Albeit slowly.

I returned to work, I returned to my play, I finished my play, I did laundry, I started to clean the house (I said started) and for one brief moment, life was normal.

And then I remembered that I leave for vacation in just 48 hours.  Florida, here we come!

Wait!  Maybe this IS our honeymoon!  Too bad Rick can't come.  It's just Liz and I taking a little long-ish weekend.  And actually, upon closer thought, it's best Rick stays home.  We did Florida the first time around and look what happened ... a hurricane.  And a radio show.  Okay Rick, you can come.  But only if KLUV comes, too.


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