Friday, March 7, 2014

i am NOT stressed ... i am NOT stressed

I have just realized that I have a cold.  A. Cold.  AAAA COOOOLD.

Um, excuse me?  This is the THIRD cold I've had this year ... and this year, so far, is only 62 days long.  That would be roughly six weeks.  That would be one cold every two weeks.

So... did I catch it in Walt Disney World?  Maybe.
Did I catch it from Rick, who had a cold the entire time I was in Florida?  Maybe.

Did I catch it at my school?  Not likely.

Count backwards three days from today.  (I learned that on The Beverly Hillbillies.  I really did.)  And three weeks earlier than today was Tuesday.  I caught this cold on Tuesday.  I came home from Florida on Monday.  Therefore I caught me a cold on Tuesday.

That narrows it down to either Rick (doubtful) or my school.  Bingo.

Sigh.  Good thing I have a week off now.  Spring break began about four hours ago.  I SOOO hoped I could spend my break recovering from a cold.  Yeah, no.

You know what?  I think I'll go back to Florida.  They don't have colds there.

They have hot there, though.



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