Wednesday, March 5, 2014


... how did my luggage get lost a second time?

Get this.  Our plane back to DFW was delayed on Monday.  And the window for our connection in Houston was getting smaller and smaller and narrower and narrower.  The pilot did make up some time in the air over Louisiana (I'll never understand how they do that, but then I'll never, ever understand how that big silver tube gets up into the air anyway) and managed to get us to Houston with a whole 15 minutes to spare.  That meant that Elizabeth and I had to grab our carry-ons and hoof it to some gate in Houston that was holding another silver tube for us to fly in.  Which gate?  Who knew.  Just run!!!

And we did.  And we found it.  Somehow.

And as we were watching passengers board OUR plane, ahead of us ... and as we were bumping into people left and right ... and as we were barreling through the ropes that were being placed indicating that the plane was about to leave ... a flight attendant casually announced over the loud speaker that if you were coming from the Orlando flight and connecting here to get to Dallas, she was real sorry but our luggage wasn't coming with us.  It was coming later.  And we would get to wait for it.  If we wanted it.  Which we did.  Never mind that we were a tad tired.

And so, all's well that ends well ... even IF our luggage decided to stay on vacation a bit longer.  I'm sure it'll come home when it runs out of money.  Which should be very soon.


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