Tuesday, March 4, 2014

5 days in the sun ...

... only lost my luggage twice
... sunburned, due to the gorgeous weather in Florida
... came home to snow and ice
... try explaining the sunburn to your boss
    (who thinks you were out sick)
... returned to work to learn that Spring Break is only 4 days away
... returned to a sick cat that barfed all over
... returned to a husband that didn't even miss me
    (How do I know he didn't miss me?  He immediately told me
    everything that he did while I was away.  Oh wait, maybe he
    did miss me.)
... came home to a stack of bills that Rick SOMEHOW never
    found time to pay.
... came home to some empty medicine bottles that Rick
    SOMEHOW never found time to refill
... Glad to be home anyway.
... Life is good.
... When can we go back??

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