Wednesday, March 12, 2014

pix anyone?

I have just realized that I didn't post any pictures of my trip to Florida.  You have just realized that it's time for a nap, I'm sure.  Oh well, gonna do it anyway.  But I promise to be selective.

Elizabeth posted this one on Facebook saying that I was the most fun dinner date of all time.  Ha, the joke's on her.  It was lunch time.

This is Elizabeth's friend Tim.  Elizabeth wants to marry Tim.  Tim doesn't want to marry Elizabeth.  No "Elizabeth and Timmy, sitting in a tree" for them.

Of all the characters we saw at Walt Disney World, this was Elizabeth's favorite.  She was simply a park employee.  And she happened to be from La Habra, California.  And she looked NOTHING like Anjolena Jolie.  Although Elizabeth thought she was the spittin' image and so fell in love with her.  

Yeah, no.  I see no resemblance, either.

More friends of Elizabeth's.  That's Keith on the left.  He spent our last day with us.  That's Joy and her husband John.  They also spent our last day with us.  We had a FUN last day!

Liz, sporting her fancy glasses from the Toy Story Mania ride.  I wore a pair just like them.  But I was so pretty in mine that I didn't want to show her up.

IF you can pull this sword up from this here rock, you get to tell all your friends that you pulled the sword up from this here rock.  

I don't get to tell my friends that.  But it wasn't for lack of trying.

I never did succeed.  So, in that case, you are supposed to stand beside it and pose.  I suppose.

One of Liz' lunches.  Actually her first one.  I was one proud mama when I saw that my little girl was going to get to eat at Walt Disney World.  Food is a difficult obstacle for her so when Epcot complied, she ate!

And speaking of Epcot... Elizabeth posted this on Facebook.  She said she didn't understand why all those countries in Epcot positioned themselves around this giant golf ball.  I tend to wonder myself...

More friends of Liz'.  Leave it to her to banter and bicker with them instead of posing for a picture.

Here's another friend.  Liz truly misses all of her 'toy' friends.  Maybe she just misses her toys.  I know I miss all of my toys, too.  Wait, I still play with mine...

And finally, the best photo I've ever taken.  That's Keith on the left, hands in the air.  That John on the right, looking like he's having fun.  Those two ladies in the middle with their hands over their eyes?  I don't know them. 

P.S. Name this ride ...


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