Tuesday, March 11, 2014

when God speaks ...

... I should listen.  But instead I put my fingers in my ears and run off crying like a baby.  Yep, I do.

Tonight, in the midst of some harsh money troubles, I decided to transfer my last $500 from my Paypal account to my personal bank account.  The money in my Paypal account is money that I've accumulated from my sales on eBay and various garage sales and my book sales.  I had proudly accumulated $500 there and didn't even touch it for my latest vacation.

Soooo, it was available for me to refill my checking account after a few missteps that Rick made while I was away.

I whipped out my little "square" and pushed it into my phone and swiped my Paypal card and VOILA!  $500 immediately transferred ... straight to my church.  I kid you not.

Lesson learned.  Make sure you are logged out of your church's account first.

So, uh, when God speaks ... you give.

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