Saturday, April 19, 2014

hard boiled eggs

As Easter is quickly approaching, I see Rick's current health situation improving.  As the world finishes dying their Easter eggs and polishing up their Easter outfits for church tomorrow, Rick's temperature is steadily going downward and he's able to sit up on the couch longer.

It's been a tough week for us but I see a light at the end of the tunnel ... just in time for an awakening the world over.

Elizabeth is readying herself to go on her first business trip (she's headed to New Jersey for a week) and as Rick simply struggles to recover from a horrible cold, I am sitting back and waiting.  I see a (hopefully) stress-free week ahead of me filled with simple evenings and simple dinners.  My days are full (at my job) but they are not stressful.  Just the opposite.  So some stress-free evenings is a luxury I'm looking forward to.

So, am I saying that Elizabeth is stressful?  No.  Neither is Rick.  But with one person on the couch recouperating and one in New Jersey, no one will care if I'm on my computer all evening nor just baking cookies nor just being a slug in front of the TV.  I'm looking forward to no routine, no rules, no nothing.

I pray that my bubble isn't burst and my parade is not rained on.

Check on me in a week.  If I was wrong about the week ahead of me, you can laugh.  I'll expect it.  But if I was right?  Well ... you'll know that the cookies were delicious, the computer sold me some pretty new clothes and I managed to watch all 200 shows I have stored up on our DVR.

Tomorrow, Easter, is a victory for Christians everywhere.  And it's the start of something big for myself as well.  Even if the new clothes don't fit due to all the cookies I'm planning on baking.

Wink Wink.

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