Tuesday, April 15, 2014

up in the air ...

After FINALLY preparing my taxes and FINALLY getting in to the little lady at H & R Block, I am FINALLY finished for another year.  FINALLY.

This year was particularly stressful because I wanted everything perfect.  I saved every receipt (or so I thought) and I took every deduction that I could.  I even PAID TWO YEARS WORTH OF PROPERTY TAXES!   "Why?" you ask.  Because paying the taxes on our rental property for 2013 and 2014 insured us that we would get a refund.  In fact, by doing so, we were gonna get us a big refund!  I was prepared and I was excited. 

I spent nearly a week getting everything together ... and planning my vacation to Hawaii.  Yep, that's what Rick and I decided to do with our huge refund.

And ... as of April 14, 2014 ... I was hit with the HORRIBLE news that I would owe this year.  

WHAT.  THE.  HECK????     There went my vacation to Hawaii.

So, on that note ... here is a little something that helped me to swallow the news that I would be staying home this summer.  This gal helped me to feel like I was on that plane to Hawaii.  Oh how I wish I was.

And in case you didn't know this little piece of trivia ... I used to be a flight attendant myself.  I flew with United Airlines way back when.  Yep, WAAAAY back when.  1984 to be precise.  And for the record, a speech like this was not allowed.

But it should've been.

Here's a bigger version, if you'd like.  Well, I'd like.  Just cause.  And I get to do anything I want since I don't get to go to Hawaii.  And because I owe the government.  And because I have a dog.  And ...

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