Thursday, May 8, 2014

after yesterday ...

... i have to say that this is a spectacular idea!

If my drugs are not working (and how can I be sure they are??) I need to take this advice and do what I'm told.  I have to!  And I have just the location in mind, too.

I spent part of today planning an imaginary trip to Spain with a friend ... but honestly?  Spain just won't do it for me.  I best head to the Caribbean.  Sorry, Patty.  Your serenading mariachis will just have to play for you solo.  I'll be donning my 'kini and heading to St. Maarten.  Or St. John.  Or St. Thomas.  No, wait.  Been to St. Thomas once.  Didn't have a good time.  Okay, off to Turks and Caicos.  It looks like a nice place from what I see on House Hunters International.  And hey, it'll be just what the doctor ordered.  See ya!

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