Friday, May 9, 2014

back from the caribbean ...

... just in time to wish you all a wonderful Mother's Day on Sunday.

I had a mother once.  She was nice.  She was tall.  She didn't teach me to cook, though.  I had to learn that all on my own.  I stink at it, too.

My mother liked peanut butter.  She ate it for dinner.  Maybe she didn't know how to cook, either.  I forgive her now.

My mother wore a size 9 1/2 shoe and I remember her always having trouble finding her size.  Guess what size I wear now?  Thanks, mom.  I'd give anything to be her size in anything else though.

My mother was married for over 60 years.  Um, that scares me.  I'm only on year 25.  I'll have to be um ... um ... nearly 96 to tie her record.  Yikes.  Just yikes.  Rick'll be 101.  I don't think I want to see that.

My mother loved the TV show "General Hospital".  She also loved "Lawrence Welk".  I wonder if she loved anything in between those.  True story - she once saw her attorney in a restaurant and told him, "You dance so well!  I enjoyed watching you on TV last night."  None of us had any idea what she was talking about.  I whispered to the attorney, "Just go with it."  He did.  And a few months later, the show "Dancing With The Stars" was born.  I think my mother had some insight into the future.  I'm sure the attorney just thought she was nuts.

I lost my mother in 2007.  I'm still looking for her.  Just kidding.  But I did lose her then.  She was 91.  I wasn't 50 yet.  I lost my brother just three weeks later.  I felt like an orphan when I lost my mother ... but I felt very alone when my brother was gone, too.  My entire family was gone before I was 50.  One death was expected and anticipated.  The other was a complete surprise.  My brother's death, fortunately, came after my mother's.  I would never have wanted to explain that to her.  It was hard enough having to explain it to myself.

Happy Mother's Day, Mom!  Please tell Brad hello, too.

Wasn't she cute?  Circa 1923

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