Wednesday, May 28, 2014

my second job

See this computer monitor?  See this computer program?

This here is what I do on Sundays.  Well, Sunday mornings anyway.  Well, once a month anyway.

While the congregation is a-singin' away, I'm putting the lyrics up on the screen in front of them.  You know, so they will know what to sing.  And this is a good thing.  Especially if you're me.

I also put the words up that the pastor is a-sayin'.  You know, so the congregation will know what he's saying, too.  Also a good thing.  

The chart on the left hand side of my screen is where I am in the program.  Meaning, the exact spot I am in.  And the exact spot that the congregation is singing.  Or the spot that the pastor is pastoring.

Those two blotches of white on the right hand side of my screen are the actual view of what's up on the big screen for the congregation to see ... and the next slide that is about to pop up on the screen that the congregation sees.

And below is what the congregation sees, up on a wall.

And ... if all goes well, what is on the screen on the wall will match what is on the right hand side of my computer monitor screen ... and the left.

If all goes well.

 See, it's matching here.  Above and below.

On the wall and on my monitor.  Absolutely no problem.

Except one.  

One little problem.

What if the pastor is wrong?  See, I was on the screen that said "Mercy" and it completely matched what the screen on the wall said ... "Mercy."  See, no problem!

And when someone asked me if I was on the right page ... uh, yep.  'Cuz all of my screens matched.

Too bad the pastor was on the wrong page.  He had to have been.  He didn't once say "Mercy" when he should have.  At least I didn't hear it.  But I did hear my text messages ding.  So, if he said "Mercy" he must've said it too soon.  Way too soon.  Or way too late.  Had to have.  'Cuz all of my screens matched ... so I was in the right place.



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