Thursday, May 29, 2014

sick X 2

I came home from work early today and was surprised to see my husband's car was not in the driveway.  Hmmm, odd, but I figured he'd gone to a doctor appointment or out to get some lunch.  It was 1:30 when I arrived home.  I napped a bit, I played on the computer and I ordered our dinner.

By 4:00, he still wasn't home but I wasn't alarmed.  Yet.  You'd think I would be, though ... given that twice in the past he turned up missing and Elizabeth and I would up driving all over the country (yes, literally) trying to track him down.  But, no, I was not alarmed.  I did check my phone messages, though.

There he was, on my phone messages, pleading his case.  He'd lost his car.  He was at the mall and couldn't find his car even though he remembered exactly where he'd parked it.  So, I called him.  I was that surprised when he was STILL without his car.  It had, after all, been three hours since he'd left me the frantic voice mail saying he was dog-tired from walking all over the Macy's parking lot looking for his car.  Yes, I then got in my car and drove to the mall to help him out.

And you know what?  I found his car.  I was half expecting not to, that it had truly been stolen, but no, there it was, I assumed in the very spot he'd left it.

I found Rick standing outside of Macy's looking exhausted.  He'd been on his feet walking for three hours and his body isn't really up to doing that.

Rick got in my car ... and I drove him FOUR LANES AWAY to his parked car.  He absolutely refused to believe that he'd parked in THAT aisle and hadn't even walked in that direction in the past three hours.

Good grief.

Rick was too tired to drive home so I opted to drive him home in my car.  I did challenge him to figure out how to get his car home, though.  He had the answer.  We'd come back in the middle of the night and that way it'd be real easy to see and find his car.  Um, Rick?  I already found your car.

And off we went.  I had no clue how to fix this mess but I did realize that he couldn't drive right now.  Instead I called Elizabeth and was that surprised when she was willing to take a friend and pick up the car later.  Thank goodness.  And home we went.  Dinner arrived a short time later and the evening went on as planned.  Sort of.  Over dinner, I asked Rick why he didn't call the police if he thought his car had been stolen.  Know what he said?  "It wasn't stolen.  Why would I call the police?"

And how did you know it wasn't stolen, Rick?  "Because I remember where I parked it.  I just couldn't find it."

And then I asked the question I'd been dying to ask ... "Why didn't you look in the other aisles for your car, 'cause, you do know that it was just four aisles away ..."

And Rick said ... "Why would I look there?  That wasn't where I parked it."


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