Tuesday, May 13, 2014

telling tales

My dear darling daughter just wrote this about me ... in some sort of a diary.  I'm flattered, I think.  I think.

FYI - "Bama" is the nickname of a friend of hers that stopped by last night...

Alabama in Texas

Bama came by with his sister, and eventually their parents. He's leaving his car and some boxes, so we'll see them again. It was awkward at first, then we got the hang of it.
It taught me a great deal about entertaining. I am officially my mother. I want my house spotless, my scent welcoming, my appetizers and activities out and waiting.

66° Partly Cloudy

Elizabeth Kahle

Daughter | Dreamer | Returner of Texts | Superwoman

It's good we get to know the weather in her diary, too.

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