Saturday, May 24, 2014

zonked out in seattle now ...

Good grief, it's already Saturday night and I'm way behind here.  I'm ashamed.  (Ooh, there's an old word...)
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So, it's been a week and I'm finally asleep.  Or I should be.  Or that's where my head has been anyway.  Well, that's where it is now.

I've spent the last few nights back on my sleep number bed ... in the guest room.  Just couldn't get the hang of the new mattress.  But, I'll try again tonight, now that it's not a school night.  :)

Wanna know my latest plan?  I'm gonna be rich!  All because of my new mattress.  Yep, I am.

Here's how ~

It was finally time to buy us that new mattress.  I did the research and found that the best price for my Simmons BeautyRest was $599 over at Rooms To Go.  I wanted the best price, no matter what ... but I do have my limits.  Once upon a time (six months ago) I headed to Rooms To Go for a couch but didn't actually buy it there due to an advertising faux pas.  Okay, that wasn't the only reason, but it was a part of it ... and it was memorable.  I didn't want to buy from a company that goofy.  That stupid, really.


Still I decided to go back once more and I did find the mattress that I was after.  And you know what?  The darn thing was on sale!  $599 was on sale for $399!  SCORE!

So why didn't I buy it?  Well, the mattress that I laid on to test was dirty.  I hated that, even though the salesgirl assured me I'd get a new one.  And ... the salesgirl wouldn't listen to me.  I stressed that I wanted a Simmons BeautyRest and she kept walking me over to the Sertas and the Tempur Pedics.  And finally ... she was a blithering idjut.  Any question I asked her, she couldn't answer.  Wait, she did answer it, but she answered it like someone who was just making up the answer.  Seriously.  She had no idea if a mattress was firm or soft and when I asked her what "air cooled" meant (stamped on a ribbon on the bottom of the mattress I was considering) she reached out and felt of it and said, "It's just what the ribbon is made of."  ???

This goofy salesgirl also LAID ON THE MATTRESS WITH ME when I was checking the firmness of the dirty mattress.  Seriously.  I've never been so uncomfortable in my life.  And, oddly enough, she liked the EXACT SAME MATTRESS that I liked.  How about that!

She insisted on logging me into her computer so that when I returned tomorrow (that's always my ploy to get out of a store I KNOW I'm not buying from) she'd be all ready to just ring me up.

And off I headed to Sleep Experts.  Rick had been pestering me to go to Christine Cook's store anyway.  I think he has a crush on her.  Nevertheless, I went.  And there, yes right there, was the very same mattress.  In pristine condition, no less.  When the low-pressure salesman advised me to lay on his pretty mattress, he laid a sheet and pillow protector down for me, too.  He also did not lie beside me.

I was all ready to buy my chosen mattress ... but the price was wrong.  $599!  The darn thing wasn't on sale!  So I had a decision to make.  Should I give him my "I'll be back tomorrow" story or should I tell him the truth?  The truth won out.  And you know what he did?  That lovely man met the Rooms To Go price and then undercut them by $3.00!

So ... how am I going to be rich?  Because they are having a sale this weekend.  The blasted mattress is on sale for still $100 cheaper!  And I'm going back.  I'm gonna plead my case and I'm gonna be rich!  Well, $100 richer anyway.

I'd be EVEN richer if I'd paid the full price for my new mattress, though.  There was a sign on the wall that said, "If you can find the same mattress for less from a competitor, we'll beat their price by 160%."   And yes, I whipped out my calculator and figured it out.  $359.  I would've made money on the deal.  Wait.  Let me readd that.  If it was 160% off of THE OTHER STORE'S price, it would have cost me ... Let's not talk about that.

So ... the new mattress was delivered the next day and Rick was the first to sleep on it.  Know what he said?

"I wanted a Tempur Pedic."

Our doghouse is now equipped with a Tempur Pedic.

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