Tuesday, June 17, 2014

and .... GO!

Today, being my last day of school for this school year, I'm desperately trying to remember all that I had planned for my little vacation, my time off, my summer break, MY ESCAPE!

I want to print all of the photos I have stored up on my phone.  (Now there's a phrase you couldn't have heard when I was growing up.)

I want to organize all of my photos from the last eight years and put them all into photo albums.  Yes, I'm old fashioned.  I still put pictures into albums.  I have to.  I just have to.

I want to "de-clothes" my closet.  Somehow some extra clothes have managed to sneak in there and hang themselves up.  Some of them I've never even seen before!  Some must not be mine because they're way too small.  I know those aren't mine.  Must be the dog's.

I want to get ready for the garage sale that we're having this Saturday.  Too many clothes in my closet.

I want to finish some art projects I started awhile ago.  I've taken up painting and I might actually be good ... if I would ever finish one of them.

I want to clean my house.  I've been stupidly trusting the other two members of my household to do it for me ... and they've been stupidly trusting me to do it.  Stupidly, the house hasn't been getting cleaned.  It stupidly has been waiting on someone else to do it.  Maybe it's been waiting on the dog.

I want to catch up on my sleep.

I want to clean out the inbox of my emails.  I'm sure all the folks who've emailed me over the past year (or two) will appreciate finally getting a response.

I want to consolidate all of my flash drives.  I have five.  Five full flash drives.  Five VERY full flash drives.  I need five computers to do it all on, I realize that.  But I can start the project, can't I?

See that last line there?  "I can start the project, can't I?"  Therein lies the problem.  All of these projects have been started.  Started.  STARTED!  I am not so good at finishing nuthin'.  And I fully expect this particular summer to end up like all the rest.  With good intentions.  With poor outcomes.  Know why?

Well, I actually did start my first project.  Some filing was involved.  I sat on the floor to do said filing and when I tried to stand up?  After sitting for so long on the floor?  Let's just say that standing up was not something that was going to happen yesterday.  It apparently wasn't on the agenda.  Oh, I eventually did get myself upright, but when one sits for a long, long time on the floor ... one gets to sit there for a long, long time more.

Maybe I'll take up poetry.  That last line was so pretty!  And you can do it from the floor.

So, my back is out and I'm just sitting here waiting for it to come back in.  It will eventually.  Probably about the time that I'll be returning to work.  Wait.  Maybe I can just catch up on my sleep right here!  Then I can cross one thing off of my list.

Good night.


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