Thursday, June 19, 2014

real east

Real East?   Yep, real east.  That's what my friend Barbara used to call it.  We liked to play board games way back when and our favorites always seemed to be anything that we didn't know how to play and we certainly couldn't pronounce.  I believe we played a lot of ROOK.  Are there real east questions in ROOK?  Not sure why this is so clear in my memory but Barbara always called real estate real east.  It's actually funny that I would ever become so interested in something that I remember not knowing squat about.

Many years later, I find myself following real estate like some folks follow the stock exchange.  Or the Cullens.  Yes, Mary, I'm talking about you!  I pull up at least once a day and check out my own house or any other home that hits my fancy.  

And real estate, here in Texas, has taken a sweet turn.  Houses are on the market for, oh, a day before going under contract.  Maybe two if you don't have all of the modern upgrades.

Real estate watching and monitoring is not for the faint of heart, though.  Oddly enough, not just for humans, either.

A year ago, we had some real estate available ... above our front door.  This pretty thing stopped by to investigate and eventually moved in and built a nest.  Two little birdlings were born and raised on that 3" ledge.

Last month, we had someone else stop by and try the place on for fit.  Might've been the same pretty lady, I'll never know, but I was happy that our real estate was enticing to her.  Ya know ... to me, it looks like she's lying on her back with her feet up ... getting a suntan.  All she needs is a hammock.

Anyway, soon there was another birdling.  This fine-feathered friend only had one chicky but we enjoyed watching the process immensely, still.  And before we knew it, mom and child were off and out in the wild.  And the Kahles were sad.

Until ...

... another family moved right in right after.  Yep, we must have a very desireable location.  It's all about location, right?  And honestly, the last mother and child were not even gone 24 hours when this pair showed up and began remodeling.  Just a few touch-ups, though.  The previous tenants were apparently very clean.

Our front porch isn't, though.

... to be continued ...


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