Sunday, June 22, 2014

real east recap

Location, location, location ... and this mommy bird became my new tenant, I guess because the location was excellent.  That's all that matters, right?

Soon, Jr. was adorning our doorway, too.

All totaled ... four birds have lived in this condo.  Not counting the children.  So, I guess all totaled it's actually eight, not counting the papas that stood guard for weeks on end, warding off any trouble.  So, actually ... oh never mind.  I do have a point here.


Too bad this little guy doesn't know about the great home for rent above my door.  He's made himself at home here, true, but I bet it gets a little drafty during a wind storm.

So, again, what the heck am I going for here?

Well ...

It's that time.

We, the Kahles, moved into our current home in 2010 with the intention of retiring here.  But then we moved into our former home in 2006 with every intention of retiring there, too.  Each home was wonderful, yes it was.  And each home offered us so much that we could never have gotten in California.  But as our daughter prepares to find her own place to live, we have become acutely aware that our current home is not going to be where we retire.  It's just ... it's just ... well, it's too darn big.  Never thought I'd ever hear myself say that.  We, who lived in a 1400 square foot home in California and dreamed of one day owning a 1700 square foot home ... never dreaming about one day owning a 4,000 square foot home ... have met our match.  4,000 square feet ain't for us.  It honestly makes no sense.

And so, the search has begun.

I want a view...

Something small, like this.

Or I'd love a golf course view ... but perhaps this view means I'm a bit too high up.  Can't quite even tell those are golf carts.

So, there you have it.  The search has begun and I've even changed the background of this blog to reflect what we decided we want.  Yes, there's water all over this page and that's what Rick is wanting.  Water all over.  

He's all wet.  

Golf is going to win.


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