Sunday, June 29, 2014


Things are moving along swimingly.

Our A/C went out today.  Of course, it did.  And even though it's only about 80 degrees outside, there's a tad bit of humidity and it feels more like 180 degrees.

Elizabeth's car is in the shop with brake trouble.  Mom and dad are picking up the $648 tab.  There's $1400 more due on some additional repair work, too.

I just finished paying for the little escapade I had when I accidentally backed into Elizabeth's car with my car.  Darn her.  She never should have left her car on the driveway.  Oh wait, I put it there.

One mosquito bit me yesterday ... and told all of his friends.  I now have 180 mosquito bites all over my body.  I am not smiling.  Itching, but not smiling.

Rick's pain is at it again.  Right hip, left hip and back.  Poor guy, he can never catch a brake.

I've got a headache today and I'm exhausted all the time.

There's no food in our fridge and I have no desire to go to the grocery store to get any.

My bills are all staring at me, asking to be paid.

This funk I'm in is just getting funkier.

And then you know what?  I signed up to spend 30 minutes praying for a young man who is fighting for his life from cancer.  Melanoma cancer ... and he's only 17 years old.  I resisted doing so at first because who has 30 minutes?  Certainly not me.  If I have an extra 30 minutes ... Freecell and Solitaire and Mahjong certainly are first in line.  If I had an extra 30 minutes, I'd go to the grocery store.

Yes, I'm just kidding about my arrant 30 minutes, but I really did sign up to pray for the young Mitchell Rossen.  Mitch is the nephew of a friend of mine and I was touched by his story.  Just an energetic teenager who loves basketball and hanging with his friends and suddenly a little sore on his back has left him fighting for his life.

Suddenly my little funk was beyond trivial.

I spent the 30 minutes in prayer for this wonderful young man who's latest cancer medicine was not working.  The family has been asking for prayer because there's not much left to try, to do for Mitch.

Today, THIS was posted on Facebook:

Mitch is the one holding the basketball.  Mitch is the one who was in bed until yesterday.  Mitch is the one who is fighting for his life.  Mitch is not supposed to be standing up.

I take ZERO credit for anything ... but I did feel great contributing my prayers towards Mitch's recovery.  And I prayed hard.  And I am not alone in that.  There was a 24 hour prayer chain out there that you could sign up for to pray for a miracle for Mitch.  

Mitch is suddenly up and about but he is in no way healed yet.  This was just a wonderful step along the way that lifted everyone's spirits.  So, what I'm saying here is that 1) praying for Mitch was an awesome spirit lifter for me  2) praying for someone else takes all the focus off of myself  and 3) oh what a sap I am to whine about my little troubles when there's a young man out there who just wants to play basketball with his friend.

Goodbye funk, goodbye headache, goodbye car woes, goodbye bills and grocery store trips.  Couldn't seem to get rid of the mosquito bites quite so quickly but even so, they are far from important tonight.

Seeing Mitch in this photo (which was indeed taken today) is all that matters.  

Seriously, all that matters.


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Deb Kane said...

Thank you Kris. That was just the reminder I needed to put things in perspective today. You are fabulous.